Becoming Your Own Marketing Team: A Guide

Smart woman planning marketing for her business.

Effective marketing can significantly change a company’s revenue stream.

While professionals have experience under their belt that assists them in achieving brand awareness for companies, entrepreneurs and small businesses can market their own goods and services with proper research and planning.

This guide presented by hellooodesign can help you get things started.

Decide What Your Marketing Goals Are

Marketing can consist of many methods to get your brand, products, and company out into the public eye.

Professionals create marketing plans with their client’s objectives in mind to keep their efforts on track and help the company meet its goals.

As your own in-house advertising guru, you should create a plan as well. A solid marketing plan often includes:

•   Identification of your target market

•   Identification of the value your products add

•   Analysis of your strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

•   Identification of your competitors

•   Strategy for advertising to your target market

Determine Which Marketing Channels to Use

A marketing channel is used by marketers as a means of connecting a business to its target market.

Examples include direct selling, email marketing, search engine optimisation marketing, attending events, and indirect selling.

You can decide to utilise one or multiple channels to sell your products or services as you desire.

Direct selling entails communicating directly to your target market and can even include people you already know at a low cost, flyers on telephone poles, or more expensive methods such as billboards.

Email marketing typically involves sending emails with subject lines to catch consumers’ attention, speaking to their needs and interests. They often advertise upcoming promotions and incentives.

SEO marketing involves optimising search engine results to bring higher volume to your company’s website. For small businesses, developing a local SEO strategy is usually best to avoid competing with bigger organisations.

Attending events can include trade shows, local events, or any other event you believe possible clients might be.

Indirect marketing can include several channels and numerous other players, such as vendors or retailers who display your products in their shops.

If you plan to conduct in-person marketing, such as at trade shows, it’s a good idea to have your materials ready to display, such as PDFs on your website, smartphone or tablet. It’s possible to download PDFs from the internet so you can view them later without having to log onto the web or worry about a wi-fi signal.

This process is made easy in just four quick steps, just make a note of its save location when you download a PDF on your iPad so you can pull it up with ease when needed.

Create a Strong Message

In addition to establishing how you will convey your message to prospective clients, you must determine what those messages will state.

The marketing message should quickly get to your main point and explain how your company’s offerings can solve the audience’s problems or enhance their lives.

Clear and concise messages hold readers’ attention and are unlikely to confuse your target market.

Select Attention Grabbing Infographics

Once you get people to your website, you want them to be interested in what your company has to offer immediately.

According to web data, The Daily Egg notes that users spend an average of 15 seconds on a website.

That means you have only seconds to grab and hold potential clients’ attention. Infographics can help you reel in customers. By using an infographic template, you can save money.

After you have chosen a template, you can customise it by selecting text, background, colours, and other design elements.

Determine Whether Your Efforts Worked

Track your sales revenue before you begin your marketing efforts to see whether it went up as a result.

Additionally, track your website traffic.

There are a number of free tools that you can take advantage of to determine whether your advertising plan is working and bringing more people to your organisation’s site.

Though becoming your own marketing department is no easy feat, it can be done at a fraction of the cost of hiring professionals.

Use things like email marketing, infographics, and SEO techniques to draw attention to your business, and tweak your strategies based on which ones work best for your business. Within no time, you’ll be your own one-person marketing team.

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